MessageHeads Review


Now, before I start,  I want to let you know there are other messages extensions/tweaks. What makes this tweak special? It takes the messaging experience outside of the messages app. Sound familiar? It should. Ian Burns reinvents Facebook’s chat heads for a spin.

You may ask yourself, “How does this differentiate itself from auki or biteSMS? Or even couria?” Well, in many ways. Lets begin with the major feature of MessageHeads, the Message Heads themselves.


This handy little feature lets you take your active conversations with you anywhere in iOS. On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, in all of these apps (and many more), you will be able to talk to reply to your messages without those tedious banners. Instead, you will receive the normal vibration along with a colored outlining of the message head (customizable in the Settings app).

Now to customization. In the stock iOS messages app, you have the boring blue/green/gray text bubbles. This can be changed in with MessageHeads. The colors are limited at the time. But according to the developer, more customization is coming.

MessageHeads also has conversation view which lets you choose from your conversations and start texting straight from a message head with no need to go into the actual messages app. Along with a full on contextual view.


This tweak will cost $2.49 in the Cydia Store. It has been submitted to the BigBoss repo, and should be available within 2-4 days.

Happy tweaking!