How to search the iOS Settings app

Video Courtesy of iDownloadBlog.

There are some tweaks that dramatically change the way iOS works and feels and there are some tweaks that bring subtle changes. A new jailbreak tweak dubbed SearchSettings by developer Ryan Petrich. This brand new jailbreak tweak allows you to search the iOS Settings app within the Settings app itself.

I, personally, have never used Android, but This is one thing that the platform has over the iPhone. After testing out SearchSettings is a pretty solid tweak. The only issue I bumped into was when trying to search anything on a different hierarchy. For example, if you are in the general tab, you cannot search in the sounds hierarchy. This makes the tweak a lot less useful.

Though a major drawback, Ryan Petrich tweeted that it is on the list but is not on his priority list. Anyways, SearchSettings is currently in beta and is free on Ryan’s beta repo.

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