Pebble SmartWatch: Smartest Watch Out There?


One of the best wearable technology out there is the Pebble SmartWatch. The tech specs it has on it is what makes it amazing, specially the customizability to it. The pebble may not have the highest resolution screen out there in the market and some other downfalls, but if you are open-minded to new ideas and a change in your daily routine, the convenience this little guy can bring is amazing.

What some people do not understand about the Pebble is that is not a phone on the wrist, what it really is a second screen for your notifications. The original idea started off on Kickstarter, with the concept of making smartphone users  life much easier. The Pebble got a stunning amount of backers, and decided to start making them in a small shop on California. As more and more people bought this product, they decided to manufacture them in a bigger factory. From that small project, the Kickstarter edition was born. From there, the Pebble SmartWatch has been in named stores that sells electronics found nationwide. No doubt this baby is a very simple piece of tech that does exactly what is functioned to do, no more no less.

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How to change your power down sliders


When it comes to powering your device there is not much to say. Hold down the lock button and slide to power off right? Wrong. iOS would not be what it is today without its world renown design cues and attention to detail. Especially if you are jailbroken the power down sliders may come in handy.

An upcoming tweak dubbed BetterPowerDown developed by CoolStar aims to add functionality to powering down your device and to add a little bit of style to it as well. Most of us know that when it comes to iOS 7, design is everything but consistent. Especially with iOS 7.1 and the design change of the power down slider. Apple needs to get there stuff together.

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Sumwaz: More Than Quality


So many new themes coming out in Cydia that stand out and appeal to the eye. Sumwaz caught my attention the most out of all. Developer Svink did a great job in creating a unique, complete, and appealing to the eye theme.  I am very happy to present to you this amazing theme in JBC. Even if Sumwaz is not out yet, it will be soon, and it will be a total hit.

Sumwaz has an stunning amount of icons, including 3 icon0matic overlays, 4 docks, UI themed, status bar themed, loading screens, 2 Ls, zeppelin logos, and wallpapers. The icon set that I like the most on Sumwaz is whiteboard one (screenshot above). The glass icon set also looks freaking amazing, it looks like actual colorful glass on the icon. Another thing that I like is the jellylock included in this theme. It is white an it looks great with any Ls or wallpaper.


Guys, you need to get Sumwaz as soon as it comes out in the Cydia store, I recommend it. Do not miss the chance on adding to your iDevice a touch of simple gorgeousness.

Happy Theming!

Auki: Quick reply with design influence from Surenix

Video courtesy of iDownloadBlog.

It is the weekend of JailbreakCon 2014 and sadly enough I did not get to go this year, (next year?). Though the alleged iOS 7.1 jailbreak did not come true. Just released several hours ago at JailbreakCon itself is a new jailbreak tweak dubbed Auki. The purpose of Auki is to allow you to quickly access your messages from anywhere. Sound familiar? Couria and biteSMS. So what sets it apart from the competitors? Nothing really.

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Jailbreaking: Keveen’s Point Of View

Jailbreaking, so many questions rush to one’s mind; that being said, it is a complex, yet very simple controversy. As of July 26th, 2010, jailbreaking is no longer illegal. Even before then, jailbreaks were still being made, exploits were being found, and devices were being jailbroken. You see, it is not as scary as it might seem. To be completely honest, I used to think that it was just an App Store application that allowed you break out of jail (Video game). Although, you got to keep in mind that I was only 9 years young at that time.

Is it dangerous? In most cases, no. Take a look at how far Substrate Safe Mode (Boots into stock) has come. I rarely hear about someone bricking their iDevice. Sure, boot loops may occur, but that’s an easy fix as long as you have OpenSSH and/or afc2add. To prove how safe it actually is today, take a look at iLEX RAT (Remove All Tweaks) and Semi-Restore. If something ever goes wrong with your device that is due to an incompatible jailbreak tweak, simply run either of these and you are set. Semi-Restore is a program that runs well, a semi-restore via a program on your computer (device must be plugged in). iLEX RAT on the other hand, runs on your device alone, and yes, it is compatible with all iOS versions (7.0.x – 7.0.6).

What is jailbreaking even used for? Well, lots of things! Some may use it for their own reasons (Piracy), as compared to others who use it to further the abilities of your device. Think about it like this, if you have ever seen the movie Limitless (, then you are familiar with the pill that “unlocks” the rest of your brain. Apply that same exact concept to iDevices. Jailbreaking unlocks the rest of your device. It is an amazing utility, and we are extremely lucky to have dedicated hackers/researchers/developers who make it all possible.

This was just my two cents on Jailbreaking, this will not be the last article you read from me, so stay tuned!

Guest post: Keveen

CustomCover: Amazing lock screen album art

Surprise surprise I am back with yet another music related tweak. After several years of using the iPhone and going over several music applications and several different user experiences this tweak brings something rather interesting. I have seen things like Spectral where you blur the lock screen background according to the album art, ColorFlow which does the same thing but in the now playing view of the music app and there is the outlier, Aria which does both of these things in a more compact way.

CustomCover is different. If you are looking for a lock screen album art refresh look no further. CustomCover piggybacks on its “classic” older brother, SnowCover (iOS 6 only). CustomCover allows you to set different frames–for a lack of a better term–around your album art. Some frames include vinyl, CD cover, and ripped (a fan favorite). On top of that you also get options for lock screen album art blurs. Which by any means isn’t new.

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Have you ever heard people say “I do not like themes on my phone when I jailbreak ?” Well, this theme might just make all of the non-themers change their mind. Virtual is a total deal-breaker, has everything that in my opinion, many themes do not have. Developer Jedeye81 did a great job in all of the graphics and pixels put into the UI and icons. After donating, I decided to take this beauty for a test drive, all I can say is that this theme is one of the best themes out there right now.

Virtual comes with a whooping amount of icons, considering that it is still in beta. It also comes with 4 docks, wallpapers, 3 icon0matic overlays, a zeppelin logo, and a color keyboard. What I like the most about this theme is the default icons (picture above), it goes very well with almost all type of wallpapers, from colorful to dark, this icon set looks freaking awesome. There is also another icon set in this theme called framed, which looks beautiful as well with any color scheme wallpaper.

Maybe you may think “this is too good to be true” and you know what, it really is. You can get Virtual by simply going in  and choose “beta repo” on your right hand corner, then read all of the instructions from there.

Happy theming bros!

Jailbreaking for All 006: RAM for your brain

Jailbreaking for All

Episode 006: We talk about Auxo 2, the benefit of a Pebble smart watch with a jailbroken iPhone, the updated Spotify App Store application and the snowball effect in regards to jailbreaking. Josh jailbreaks his iPhone 3G on iOS 4.2.1 with redsn0w.

Stream this episode here.

Grab the latest episode of Jailbreaking for All:

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SpringPaper: Cycle Your Wallpaper!


One of the best wallpaper transitioning tweaks is finally out for iOS 7. SpringPaper is a fantastic tweak for all of my fellow themers out there, or just anyone that wants a change to their springboard wallpaper. Developer Jason Recillo did an outstanding job in integrating many settings and options for this tweak, specially the transitioning seconds. SpringPaper is definitely one of my number one used tweaks in my iPhone 5. 


SpringPaper has many options to be configured right in the settings application. Some of the options this tweak has is what source of wallpapers to use for the wallpapers that are going to be transitioned. Other options are such as frequency (seconds the wallpaper changes), transition speed, scaling, shuffle, change wallpaper action. SpringPaper also offers to hide options, such as icons, dock, status bar, and hide once. The cool, nifty thing about this tweak is how you can make a folder in iFile with all of wallpapers you want to use and directly put in the link in the “folder” option inside SpringPaper.


SpringPaper is only $1.99 inside the BigBoss repo, go pick it up now folks!


Patience: Beauty In Every Pixel


 One of the most beautiful, blooming, and full of color themes is almost ready for release. It is currently in its beta stages, but yet, still delivering quality to the users. Developers Zooropalg and iPixelthemes did and outstanding job in creating such a freaking gorgeous masterpiece. Patience, as the name states it, is very well worth the wait. To be patient is a form of art, just like this beautiful theme.

Patience has an amazing amount of icons added every beta update, the status bar is themed, has 2 zeppelin logos, 4 different icon0matic overlays, 8 different icon sets, and to top it all off, a beautiful wooden dock that goes very well with all of these icon sets. One of my favorite overlays for Patience is the Darka5sin icon0matic theme. This overlay makes Patience more captivating than it already is.

“A color is as strong as the impression it creates” – Ivan Albright

This theme is truly a beautiful piece of art. One of the best bright, hyped themes out there for a donation of just $2.00.

If you want to test Patience, please contact the Developers through this e-mail -