Upcoming ‘BlurSlide’ overhauls your lock screen slider


Over the last several years Apple’s iOS lock screen has continuously evolved. From the simple clock and slider in iPhone OS 1, to the camera slider in iOS 5, to being able to slide anywhere in iOS 7, it continues to grow as time progresses. There’s a fair amount of lock screen utilities as well. Ranging from IntelliscreenX to ClassicLockScreen, there’s lots of space on the lock screen.

An upcoming tweak, BlurSlide, aims to modernize the iOS 6 “classic” lock screen. BlurSlide is influenced by the blurs and translucent design currently in iOS, while still maintaining the classic feel.

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LockKeyboard: The lock screen keyboard system wide

Lock Keyboard

With iOS 8 around the corner we will see a ton of custom keyboards being released. Wether it theme the keyboard or adds functionality to the keyboard, it’ll be an iOS 8 feature. A new keyboard for iOS 7, LockKeyboard developed by HASHBANG Productions allows you to have the iOS 7.1 complex keyboard across the entire system.

The stock iOS keyboard is a white keyboard a small indent on the keys. Same goes with the dark ‘password’ keyboard. A gray keyboard with a small indent on the keys. With the complex lock screen keyboard this is slightly different. The little indent on the keys are replaced by white outlines. Which gives it an overall flatter look to it.

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How to prevent your Mac from sleeping on a per-app basis

Wimoweh Featured

Over the years I’ve used a ton of apps of this nature. Recently, NoSleep has worked like a charm. The main flaw to apps like NoSleep is the lack of customization. Wether it be the lack of a menu bar icon, lack of preferences, or even a really bad design, these sorts of apps lack a feature here and there. The biggest drawback to most of these apps is the ability to enable/disable them on a per-app basis. They’re not “environmentally aware.”

The Mac has a unique system when handling battery. Unlike Windows, OS X always runs at full power all the time. Letting you be productive regardless of the battery state. The OS allows you to set timers to dim the screen or go into a screensaver, that’s it. Over the past several years, Apple has been working on improving battery life. OS X is arguably the best at reserving battery life. With additions such as AppNap (software), or Intel’s Haswell processor (hardware), the latest devices can withstand a full days worth of usage, according to Apple.

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Upcoming ‘Drawer’ expands your dock

Drawer Featured

The upcoming tweak Drawer by the new development team EnvisionTweaks plans to spice up your dock. This tweak allows you to have multiple rows within your dock. Imagine a Control Center which contains your dock, and more.

With a simple swipe up from the home screen (user configurable gesture), you can bring up this beautiful expanded dock. By default the extra row will match the number of icons in your dock. From the design perspective, the tweak is what you’d expect from an iOS 7 tweak. Mimicking the Control Center’s design, the tweak has a subtle blur and a grabber at the top. The rest is what you’d expect. A list of icons.

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Mailbox beta for Mac: Powerful, beautiful, yet very beta


Mailbox is without a doubt one of the most popular iOS mail clients on the planet. Next to the stock mail client, there’s virtually no competition. Unlike many of the other mail clients including iOS — to some extent — Mailbox is a gesture based client. With the future of smartphones, tablets, and technology in general, we’re moving away from physical tappable buttons to gestures. Today, the team over at Dropbox will be bringing its popular iOS client to the Mac.

The app also sports a beautiful, elegant, simple user interface. In the eyes of Apple, there’s a ton of open white space, with a blue tint matching it’s icon. It makes the stock mail client look dated (and that speaks for itself, even in Yosemite). Apple needs to take note in this department.

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OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 6 released to developers

OS X Yosemite

Two weeks after the fourth developer beta of OS X Apple has released the sixth beta to its developers. OS X Yosemite is planned to have over 200 new features and a major UI overhaul set to release to the public this fall.

The update labeled preview 6 1.0 and can be downloaded via the Mac App Store, or can be downloaded in full on Apple’s Developer Center. However, it looks like Apple’s newly released Yosemite public beta hasn’t been updated.

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Lockscreen launcher: New way to launch apps


This tweak is very useful  to all of the users out there that need a quick access to all of their most used apps right on the lock screen. No, it is not like JellyLock, even though they both have the same function but with a different twist. Lockscreen launcher has a small arrow on the right side of your screen, all you have to do is slide to the left and you most used apps will appear.

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AppControl: Control app settings with a flick

iPhone 5s featured

Doesn’t it annoy you when you open Passbook and suddenly the whole screen is bright? Wish there was a way to stop that? Or maybe a way to do that in other apps? In either case, the developer behind AppControl had the same mindset, and more…

AppControl allows you to access app settings for any given app. These app settings include volume, brightness, hide preview (in the app slider), and password protection. For example, if you want your screen to be super dim, but want the volume to be super loud when launching Spotify, that is now achievable. Or if you are going birthday shopping on Amazon for your wife, you can simply hide the app slider preview, and password protect the app.

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